WJPS350 D/560 Shaftless Offset (Alcohol Dampening) Intermittent Rotary Label Printing Machine


WJPS350 D/560 Shaftless Offset (Alcohol Dampening) Intermittent Rotary Label Printing Machine

    1. ) Electric Control System: The main control unit adopts imported electric components, together with CPU via DOS system to control the servo motors, which ensures the machine, high responding, accurate towing, easy operating and safe running.
    2. )Shaftless Driving: The machine uses servo motor to drive the rollers directly, providing a guarantee for precise high-speed running.
    3. )Overprinting System: Once printing length is input at the main control unit, every unit will move automatically to the preset position. Each unit is controlled individually by a motor .With the help of CCD image, lateral, longitudinal and bevel direction registration can be achieved without stopping the machine production. This greatly increases the print quality and reduced the production wastage.
    4. )Printing Unit: Each unit can work independently, which enhance the production efficiency greatly. There is a touch screen on each unit, you can work easily.
    5. )Water And Ink Control: The machine adopts advanced American water and ink supplying system which ensures the water and ink balance, stability at low and high speed with bright print result. The classic structure, which makes the water and ink perfect mixture and balance on the first printing roller through one bridge roller, greatly reduced the waste of the material. The oscillating forming roller, which is firstly used in China, effectively prevent the ink bar and ghost from the print. Film and paper can be printed on this machine easily.
    6. )Lubricating System: the machine uses automatically cycling oil-supply system to ensure the accuracy and service life of the machine.
    7. )The computer controlled automatic and manual plate mounting and dismounting system shortened the plate changing time and increases the safety level of the machine. ( Plate changing for 6 color only needs 6 minutes)
    8. )The Japanese origin SMC Pneumatic clutch pressure control system ensures smooth and accurate running of the machine; Twice clutching done by Japanese Fujikoshi three –point suspension bearing , makes the PS plate and the water blanket fully pre-inked and then be pressed which greatly reduces the pre-print paper wastage.
    9. )7 o'clock arrangement of the rollers, high precision servo drive, twice clutching control and color lose prevention system make high quality prints and competitiveness of the machine.
    10. )The new ink fountain partition structure, easier to adjust the ink, reducing printing time and paper waste.
    11. )This machine can also be equipped with automatic ink controller, flexo vanishing, cold stamping unit and rotary die-cutting unit, to enable multifunction of the machine and to improve marketing competitiveness.
Items pecifications Unit
Max Web Width 370/560 mm
Max. Printing Area(W*L) 340*345 mm
Diameter Of Unwinding Web 700/1000 mmn
Diameter Of Rewinding Web 700/1000 mmn
Thickness Of Printing Material 60-350/80-350 g/m2
Printing Length 170-345/210-410 mm
Printing Speed 30-180/30-150(Subject to the length and quality of the printing material, Max 70 m/min rpm/min


29.8 /39.5for 6 color ( 4.7/color) KW (three phase 380V) 50/60HZ)



KW(three phase 380V)

Overall Dimensions


Machine Weight

About 13000/15000  for 6 color



The printing speed is subject to the length and quality of the printing material.