12 colors PS printing machine

Standard Functions:

The machine consists of unwinding and rewinding with pneumatic shaft, printing units, CCD camera, touch screen, second pass, web-guide, manual ink adjustment, Yaskawa or Panasonic servo motor, automatic oil supply, automatic plate mounting and adjustment- using 0.15 mm plate.

Key Points:

The big advantages of the machine are that: 1) it can cater to a wide range of material, film- 0.05 mm and above, paper 60-350 gsm. 2) It can save paper at start stage, plate change –paper waste within 50 meters, at interval stop-almost no loss of color. Our report from the client showed that to save 50 USD a shift is a small case compared with the other’s Chinese machine of same type. 3) The dampening system only uses 3-5% alcohol which has less smell and also cost saving.

Main Specifications:

Items Specifications Unit
Web Width 350 mm
Max. printing Area 340*345 mm
Diameter of unwinding web 600 mm
Diameter of rewinding web 600 mm
Thickness of printing material Paper: 60-350 
Film: 50-600
Printing Length 170-350 mm
Printing speed 30-180(Subject to the length and quality of the printing material, Max 70 m/min) times/min
Power 30.4 for 6 color ( 3.6/color) KW (three phase
    380V) 50/60HZ
UV 4.8/color KW(three phase 380V)
Machine weight 10000*1900*1600(L*W*H)for 6 color mm
Machine weight 13000 for 6 color kg

Note: The specification listed is only for a reference as the specification is different according to different requirement of the customer.

Main Features of the Machine

WJPS350 Shaftless Offset (Alcohol Dampening) Intermittent Rotary Label Printing Machine is a perfect combination of Japanese Hamada technology and intermittent rotary, vacuum conveying system of our company. Through close cooperation with Japanese engineer, our machine has been able to be the leading level, in domestic or even in the world, on water, ink pressure balancing so that to make the machine stable in color printing as well as endurance. Compared with other producer in China our machine are more stable in paper conveying due to special designed unwinding and rewinding system; less wastage for first start-generally 20-30 meters depends on the skill of the operator but no longer than 40 meters, easy for operation- training time generally 5 working days; and with wider range for material production-0.05 to 0.55mm in thickness..