WJMF-350Rotary Die-cutting And Slitting Machine

WJMF-350 die-cutting machine is a new model with rotary die-cutting and slitting function. It’s suitable for the blank adhesive labels. Die-cutting, slitting can be finished in one process.It has the function of automatic meter counting, automatic stopping , web-guide and waste-off. The machine has the characteristics of compact structure, fast speed, high efficiency, easy operation ,accurate slitting ,steady running etc.

Optional Function: Glue Tape Lamination.

Max. web width 350 mm
Max. die-cutting speed 75 m/min.
Max. slitting speed 75 m/min
Min. slitting width 18 mm
Max. unwinding diameter 500 mm
Max. rewinding diameter 500 mm
Overall dimensions 1600*1000*1500 mm
  Weight 650 Kg