Automatic Coating Machine

WJTJ-350 Rotary Hot Stamping machine adopts rotary hot-stamping mode which is mainly used for solid foil hot-stamping and hot transfer of foil stamping.

The machine uses Hohe IR with the feature of high heat efficiency, high strength, high penetration and lower energy consumption. It overcomes the defaults of no vacuuming, big thermal inertia, low precision on temperature control, low heat transfer efficiency and low life span for ordinary heating tube and milky quartz heating tube. Equipped with thyristor smart power regulator and heat-conducting oil as transfer medium, it has the feature of fast heat transfer, even and consistent temperature on the surface of the roller.

It has the function of auto web-guide at rewinder, auto meter counting and auto-stop at the end of counting.

ITEM Specification  Unit
Max. web width 350 mm
Max. unwind. diameter of foil 200 mm
Max.No.of the roll  3 roll
Max. stamping speed 25 m/min
Max. unwinding diameter 500 mm
Max. rewinding diameter 500 mm
Overall dimensions 1600*1000*1500 mm
 Weight 800 Kg