Intermittent Rotary Label Printing Machine

    1. The shaftless control system precisely controls the servo motors to make the machine work under its best status.
    2. The machine adopts auto speed tracing system for ink volume supply. This makes the operator run the machine without attention for the ink volume adjustment and ensures uniformed ink supply.
    3. Unique inking design system – high –speed ink oscillating and low-speed ink evening reaches a super printing effect in which the ink bar trouble and ghost images are efficiently avoided
    4. Unique pressure regulating design enables no pressure re-regulation while doing plate cleaning or changing which solves the problem of color differences due to uneven pressure.
    5. Patented cassette type print roller makes the loading and unloading of the plating roller easy and fast.
    6. Unique vacuum paper unwinding system (optional, patent) ensures the tension stability and protects the paper from being damaged by friction. This system also enlarges the material range to be used in this machine.
    7. The unique vacuum material conveying system(optional) ensures no edge printing which saves material cost.
    8. The above machine design makes it cater a wider range of the paper such as compound, thermal sensitive and corona paper.
    9. The machine can also be equipped with flexo, UV varnishing, backside printing and roll to roll die-cutting stations which makes the machine cater a wider range of customer demands and enhance the competitiveness of the printer
Items Unit WJLZ-280 WJLZ-350
Max.Web Width mm 280 350
Max.Printing Width mm 260 330
Max. Un-winder Dia. mm 600 600
Max. Re-winder Dia. mm 600 600
Paper Range g/㎡ 80-300 80-300
Printing Length Intermittent mm 60-260


Full Rotary mm 304 393
Printing Speed times/min 200 (Decided by the print length and the quality requirement)
Main Power kw 14 16
UV kw 3.6 per station 4.8 per station
Overall Dimension(LXWXH) mm



Machine weight kg 7200 8600
Voltage and Current Frequency   380 V -Three phase; 50 Hz