WJBQ-4230/4210/4180 Mechanical Flat-bed Label Printing Machine

a)   It adopts inclined bed design. When doing printing (or die-cutting), the machine will get in touch with the bed in a progressive mode which makes the pressure keep in balance, no matter what it is printed –either background color or fine letters , the machine can print very clearly.

b)   It is easy to change plate, reducing the loss of test-run material consumption as well as production cost.

c)   Easy operation which solves the shortage of skilled workers.

d)   It adopts Taiwan converter, convenient to adjust the printing speed

e)   It can finish the printing, laminating, die-cutting ,waste discharging and sheeting at one process

f)   One cast iron structure, stable and durable.

g)   All steel rollers are chromed and grinded which makes it more anti-rust and high precision in ink transfer.

h)   The machine axle uses alloy copper bush with auto lubrication system. This greatly enhances the precision and durability of the machine.

i)   The option items for this machine are: side punching, cross punching, stamping or UV ink printing.

Model WJBQ4230 WJBQ4210 WJBQ4180
Plate Dimension   230*390 210*390 180*320
Max. Printing Area (mm) 1-2 color 220*170 200*170 170*140
3 color 220*120 200*120 170*95
4 color 220*85 200*85 170*70
Max. Paper width (mm) 230 210 180
Max. Paper forward (mm) 180 180 150
Max. Die-cutting dimension (mm) 220*180 220*180 170*170
Printing speed(imp/min) 50-200 50-200 50-200
Length*width*height 2200*1200*1650 2200*1200*1650 2100*1100*1650
Weight(kg) 2400 2200 1800
Power (KW) 3.7 2.2 2.2